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Weekly Pool Service

crp slide07 vertClear Reflections Pools monthly rates vary from area to area and depend on the size of the pool, trees and shrubs, and other additional features that a pool might have.

Our pool service plans include cleaning, maintenance, chemicals and minerals. If you have a spa connected to your pool the pool services listed here would also apply to the maintenance of your spa. Including a spa on the monthly maintenance will usually affect the monthly bid somewhat. If there are any other circumstances that you wish to have noted that may effect the final decided price, you may discuss the items with the service tech that is bidding the job.

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Filter Cleaning


About Pool Filter Cleaning

Filter cleanings are necessary for nearly all residential swimming pools. The reason for this is approximately 98% of residential swimming pools are either DE (diatomaceous earth), cartridge, or some combination of the two types called a hybrid. Commercial swimming pools in comparison are nearly all outfitted with sand filters for several reasons.

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Pool Cleaning

In addition to our weekly pool cleaning service, we provide pool acid washing and pool cleaning. Pool acid washing is for the removal of mild mineral and organic staining. This process is performed with the swimming pool drained and with debris removed and then a chemical solution is applied to the pool surface. The pool surface is then scrubbed and rinsed to ensure an even looking finish and the pool is refilled and pool startup chemicals and minerals are added.



Founded on November 1, 2010, Clear Reflections Pools provides pool cleaning services that are done in the healthiest way, not only for your pool but also for those who swim in your pool. Serving the greater Lakeway area including Belvedere on Hamilton Pool Road, Clear Reflections Pools offers a variety of pool cleaning and maintenance services that will help to manage all your hard-scape to make your use of it as pleasurable as possible. Clear Reflections Pools & Spas also wants to constantly show are appreciation to all our Weekly Service Customers by offering them deals and discounts to show our thanks for the oppertunities that are created by the loyalty of our customers. CPO certified and BBB Accredited, Clear Reflections Pools will make you see "A Clear Difference In Service."



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